【6/14(水)】「ぴあサポロードショー!」開催/【Jun.14th(Wed)】Film Screening “Peer Support Roadshow!”


(English below)

2018年ノーベル平和賞 国連親善大使 ナディア・ムラドの決意と行動 
 彼らの唯一の希望です」   アマル・クルーニー(人権弁護士)
「ナディアの誓い - On Her Shoulders」(アメリカ、2018年)

6月の上映会では「ナディアの誓い - On Her Shoulders」という作品を扱います。ノーベル平和賞2018を受賞したナディア・ムラド氏の夢と、スピーチと、その決意に迫ったドキュメンタリーです。


場所:理学部1号館東棟1階 グローバル教育センター 多目的室(https://www.u-tokyo.ac.jp/campusmap/cam01_00_44_j.html
主催:ピアサポートルーム 共催:留学生支援室






Why don’t you enjoy movies casually on campus?

The University of Tokyo Peer Support Room is an official organization of the University of Tokyo, established in April 2015 with the aim of creating a campus where students support each other.

This “Peer Support Roadshow!” event is designed to help students connect with each other through films.

For the June screening, we will be showing a film called “On Her Shoulders”. This documentary focuses on the dreams, speeches, and determination of Nadia Murad, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 2018.

After the screening of the film, there will be time for participants to share their impressions and opinions with each other. We welcome anyone who would like to think about society through films, or who would like to hear various ideas.

Date: Wednesday, June.14th, 2023, 12:50~14:45

Eligibility: Students of the University of Tokyo

Place: Multipurpose Room, GlobE Space (Faculty of Science Bldg. 1 [East])


Organizer: Peer Support Room / Co-sponsor: International Student Support Room

The number of participants is limited to 25 people.

*English audio, Japanese subtitles available

*The primary language for this event is Japanese, but English will be used depending on the situation

◆Matters need attention◆

・Please refrain from video recording.

・Participation is free of charge.

・You may enter or leave any time as you please.

・Please note the picture/interview of the attendee would be used in the activity report in an anonymous way.

・Please note that drinks and food are not allowed in the venue.

・Each attendee will be asked to fill in a contact-form with basic personal information including name, student ID, university department and contact info in case for the need of tracing the Close-contact when the COVID-19 infection is confirmed after the event.

・Please sanitize your hands. 

・Wearing masks is recommended during opinion exchange. (Not mandatory)

・All participants will be asked to check the temperature and only those with a temperature below 37.5 degrees will be allowed to enter the venue.

・Please refrain from participating if you have fever or flu-like symptoms.

・Please note that the film screened is subject to change at short notice.

*Registration is only available to University of Tokyo ECCS Cloud Mail users. If you are a University of Tokyo student who would like to attend this event and do not have an ECCS account, please contact us at http://dcs.adm.u-tokyo.ac.jp/psr/contact-us/

Flow of the day

1) Greetings and explanation of the purpose of the event

2) Screening of the film

3) Exchange of opinions

(We will loosely exchange impressions of the film and opinions on social issues)