[4/10,4/24(Wed)]『柏ラウンジ』を開催します! “Kashiwa Lounge” will resume!

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日時: 4/10,4/24 (水) 12:00~14:00

対象 :東京大学のすべての学生(学部生、修士/博士課程院生)

Kashiwa Lounge is an event where several peer supporters (mainly graduate students belonging to Kashiwa) and participants casually enjoy chatting and playing board games. Basically, the activity is scheduled to be held every other Wednesday.

If you think ” I would like to talk with people from other faculties” or ” I would like to make Japanese friends even though I am an international student”, please come and join us. 
Free drinks and some board games will be provided. You are also welcome to bring your own lunch.
Peer supporters are looking forward to meeting with you.
Please feel free to join us.If you have any ideas for events, please let us know on the day. Let’s create a new Kashiwa Lounge together!

<Event Details>

Date: 4/10,4/24 (Wed) 12:00~14:00
Place: Room 211, 2nd floor of the Environment Building (Kashiwa Campus Peer Support Room Room)

Eligible students: All students of the University of Tokyo (undergraduate, master’s/doctoral students)
Admission: Free 
     Free to join or leave during the event