5/10(Fri)“院生交流会” & 5/22(wed)“柏ラウンジ”開催! “Graduate Student Meetup” & “Kashiwa Lounge” will open!

(English below)

こんにちは! 東京大学ピアサポートルームです。 








日時: 5/10(金) 17:00~19:00 


定員:30名 ・途中参加、入退出自由◎ 

参加を希望する方は,以下のGoogle form に必要事項を記入の上ご応募ください!

※申し込みは、東京大学ECCSクラウドメールのアカウントのみとなっています。本イベントに参加を希望される東大生で、ECCSアカウントをお持ちでない方は、こちら(https://dcs.adm.u-tokyo.ac.jp/psr/ )からお問い合わせください。

応募締切は5月9日(木) まで、お申込みが定員になり次第締め切らせていただきます。






5/22(wed) 12:00〜14:00 環境棟2F, 211


★今後の開催予定の連絡をしますので,X(旧Twitter:柏) https://twitter.com/utpsr_kashiwa のフォローをお願いします 


 [5/10(Fri)] “Graduate Students Meetup” will be held! 

Graduate Students Meetup is for participants to interact with each other and several peer supporters (mainly graduate students affiliated with Kashiwa).

Let’s interact with graduate students from various laboratories in fun quizzes, board games and cooking Takoyaki (octopus dumplings).

Snacks and beverages are available!

If you think ” I would like to talk with people from other faculties” or ” I would like to make Japanese friends even though I am an international student”, please come and join us. 

The application deadline is Thursday, May 9th, and will be closed as soon as we reach the capacity.

<Event Details> 

Eligible students: All students of the University of Tokyo (undergraduate, master’s/doctoral students) 

Place: The Environment Building 1F Lounge
Date: 5/10(Fri) 17:00~19:00  

Admission: A participation fee of 100 yen will be charged for the purchase of Takoyaki ingredients.

Free to join or leave during the event. 

*Registration is only available to University of Tokyo ECCS Cloud Mail users. If you are a University of Tokyo student who would like to attend this event and do not have an ECCS account, please contact us at

Takoyaki ingredients are limited and may be difficult to provide, but participation on the day of the event is also possible!

Peer supporters are looking forward to meeting with you. Please do not hesitate to join us!  If you have any ideas for events, please let us know on the day. Let’s interact with other students! 

“Kashiwa Lounge” in May,

date: 5/22(wed) 12:00〜14:00
place: Room211, 2nd floor of the Environment Building (Kashiwa Campus Peer Support Room)

★We will provide information on upcoming events. 

Please follow X (Twitter: Kashiwa)  

・X(旧Twitter:柏) https://twitter.com/utpsr_kashiwa